Sexual Assault Program

At the Community Crisis Center, we work to help victims of sexual assault/abuse regain control of their lives, explore their options and choices, and deal with the effects of the trauma. We strive to empower survivors and help them move through the crisis to develop and pursue their own goals.


Individual Counseling: Meeting one-on-one with a counselor may provide a safe place to discuss your situation and reactions to the assault/abuse, explore options, and express feelings. We also provide individual counseling to significant others of a sexual assault victim. It may be parents, partner, siblings, and/or other people close to the victim who need help in understanding the situation and finding ways to deal with their own reactions and support their loved one. We provide short-term counseling, and provide referrals to either groups or long-term individual counselors/therapists when clients are ready to move on.

Family Counseling: Sometimes families need to talk together about what happened so that they can best support one another after the trauma.

Group Counseling Call for more information 847-697-2380.


Medical Advocacy The Community Crisis Center provides 24-hour emergency response to area hospitals when a sexual assault victim presents for medical help in the emergency room. Specially trained volunteers and staff members go to the hospital to support the victim and provide information and linkage to other needed services.

Legal Advocacy Legal advocates assist the client in navigating the criminal justice system and/or in pursuing civil cases against offenders. The legal advocate may be able to attend court dates on behalf of the victim to reduce the burden of the case on the survivor and can provide information about investigation, prosecution, and sentencing of perpetrators.

Prevention Education - The Sexual Assault Prevention Education program assists schools, groups, and agencies to protect young people and adults against sexual assault/abuse. We also offer professional training as well as programs for students, faculty, parents, and interested groups of people. Presentations are tailored to meet the needs of each specific group and are available on a wide range of topics. All programs are free of charge. Evening or weekend presentations may be arranged.

If you are interested in any of the services listed above, please contact the Community Crisis Center at 847-697-2380.

For more information, please click on the links below for a list of additional topics about sexual assault. (The items listed below are all links to PDFs)