Economic Crisis Program and Homeless Program

An economic crisis can happen to any one of us. People who experience financial emergencies in their lives are experiencing economic crisis. People in our community face emergencies each day without needed resources of support, food, and shelter. A person may find him or herself in this predicament due to job loss, increase in rent payments, medical emergency, car repairs, or other financial responsibilities. When a person is set back by any or all the above experiences, he or she can contact the Community Crisis Center for emergency and financial assistance.

The Economic Crisis Program at the Community Crisis Center is addressing the needs of those in the community who have basic needs of food, clothing, and safe shelter. More and more people in the community come in requesting these services, as they are not able to financially support themselves and their families. They may be homeless, unemployed, very low income, or experiencing greater expenses whereby their usual adequate income, cannot meet their needs. Affordable housing and fair wages are issues that are real in our economy and affect a person’s ability to survive economically in society.

There are many causes of homelessness:

  • In Illinois, as well as other states, there are not as many mental health organizations that provide housing to those experiencing mental illness. Therefore, more and more of those who find themselves living on the street have mental health needs that are not being met.
  • When low-income neighborhoods are converted to new housing, the new housing may become unaffordable to those who previously could afford the once existing housing. Safe, secure, and affordable housing for the poor is at a minimum in our area as well as others, whereby, people either experience homelessness or economic crisis.
  • Some veterans also experience difficulty in assimilating back into society after serving our country.
  • Some people have difficulty getting back on their feet after they have experienced a fire, or a natural disaster such as a flood in their home
  • People who have some kind of criminal background also find it very difficult to find employment which then causes them either to become homeless, or experience economic crisis.
  • Women, who are raising their children, on their own, have difficulty making ends meet. It may be due to little or no child support, difficulty finding affordable child care, or any other financial difficulty that they may experience. They may find themselves in need of shelter or emergency/financial assistance due to their financial predicaments.


CALL 847-697-2380 (Ayuda en español 1-847-697-9740, TTY for the Deaf 1-847-742-4057) Walk-in hours: 9am-8pm, with flexibility due to emergency needs.

Whether you need help because you find yourself in an economic crisis or need shelter due to homelessness, you can call the Community Crisis Center at 847-697-2380 to talk to a professional counselor who will help you do this in a confidential setting, or walk-in for in person services. In the Economic Crisis Program, there are 2 different areas of assistance offered.

Economic Crisis Shelter

  • Emergency shelter for women and their children needing a safe place to stay -
  • If you don't have a place to call home, please call us. We have a 40-bed shelter for women and their children. Everyone deserves to have a safe place to sleep, eat, and plan. A case manager will work with you while you are here to help you make a service plan for you and your children.
  • This program provides room and board with meals, and 24-hour case management, counseling, and material assistance to those women and children who are in crisis and homeless.

Economic Crisis Program

  • The Economic Crisis Program is for those clients who are either residing in the shelter or for people in the community who find themselves in an economic crisis.
  • This program provides case management, counseling, financial counseling, emergency assistance, and financial assistance.
  • Emergency assistance consists of food referrals to area food pantries and soup kettles, clothing referrals, emergency food, and other material assistance as available.
  • Financial assistance consists of rent or utility assistance to those in the community who are in danger of losing their housing due to overdue bills or eviction notices, as well as for those who are transitioning from homelessness.

If you are interested in any of the services listed above, please contact the Community Crisis Center at 847-697-2380.